Dr. Genuis is preparing online classes for patients and other interested individuals. This will help viewers learn about Environmental Medicine, and about many basic investigations, practical tools, and interventions that can assist people suffering from chronic illness.

Please note: These online classes do not substitute for advice and care from your health practitioner. Viewers are explicitly encouraged to maintain ongoing care from their primary healthcare providers.


Module A: Introduction to an Environmental Medicine Approach to Patient Care


Class I



Why Do People Get Sick? 

In this first class, Dr. Genuis discusses the challenges presented by chronic illness and talks about ‘why people get sick’. This online class will provide background into an Environmental Medicine approach to patient care – an approach that focuses on assessing for underlying factors that impact human health.



Class II



Environmental Factors and Health

This class explores the Centres for Disease Control statement, “virtually all human diseases result from the interaction of genetic susceptibility and modifiable environmental factors.” Viewers will learn about a framework for assessing and managing chronic physical and mental illness, from an environmental health perspective.



Class III



An Environmental Medicine Approach To Illness

In the third class, Dr. Genuis discusses how small changes within the body at a microscopic level can have a profound impact on health and well-being.  The clinical protocol for an environmental health approach to illness is outlined. Case examples give viewers real-life insight into the ideas that have been discussed in the first three sessions


The modest pricing for the classes is intended to help cover costs and allow us to continue production of additional videos.


It’s an ongoing project! Leave your email below and you will be notified when new classes are put online.